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Eastminster's preschool program has a strong Christian foundation and presents a conscious awareness of God, His creation and constant love.

A well-rounded and balanced program of physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual activities is provided.

Our “Open Door “ policy encourages parents to visit, observe and participate, enabling parents to learn alongside their child and promoting individual success.

Our Philosophy

It is our desire to provide a safe and nurturing environment that will promote the physical, spiritual, social, emotional and cognitive development of the children in our care.

Our intent is to facilitate a program that is developmentally appropriate.

Our classrooms are designed to provide educational learning experiences that are at the age and stage of your child’s development.

Incorporated into the daily schedule and curriculum are weekly themes. While introducing various topics, children explore by hands-on experience within the classroom centers and circle time.

The learning opportunities for young children are endless. It may seem as though they are just playing, but in reality they are developing and polishing many skills needed for formal education.

The teacher’s role is to scaffold each child’s learning experiences. We continuously provide curriculum that fits each individual child’s current level of performance while encouraging developmental achievements.

Both child and teacher-directed PLAY are essential components of our curriculum because it is through this vehicle that mental growth, creativity, and social skills are stimulated.

We encourage children to develop a strong positive attitude and self esteem.

By enabling children and providing age appropriate learning opportunities, our environment allows children the freedom they need to move throughout the classroom and focus on their area of interest.

In conclusion, one of the most vital and necessary skills that preschool-age children should be developing is the ability to function with their peers and other adults. It is within this accomplishment, that the child can grow as a whole person.

Eastminster Weekday Preschool offers A Faith-Based Developmentally-Appropriate Programs for children 18 months through VPK.

For enrollment contact Eleni Yiapis or scheduling a tour call, 321-608-8095, eyiapis@epcfl.org.


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Eastminster Presbyterian Church
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