Act 30: First Fruits

In the Old Testament, people presented the first fruits of their harvest to God in gratitude for his provision. It was choice produce; in short, the best! Today’s act was originally about food, specifically GOOD food and shared with others. But social distancing has created a whole new perspective on how we might share what we have with those around us. Basic items are still in demand after many bought far more than their share. How can we turn the tide and show selflessness instead?

If you’re able and healthy, start by contacting the more vulnerable people who are local to you that may need food supplies dropped at their door. You could add an extra treat to the basics to surprise them. Or drop a gift of food at your neighbor’s on the way back from the supermarket.

Act 29: Commit

Given these challenging times, today is a good day to consider giving your giving an overhaul. As stewards of God’s resources, it’s important that we check in with him from time to time to make sure that our generosity is being channeled in the right direction. One-off donations are great, but now, more than ever, the certainty of regular financial support could be a lifeline for some struggling in the face of Coronavirus.

Whilst we’re passionate about inspiring people to give to worthwhile causes, we realize that some of you reading this may be facing severe financial uncertainty. If you’re worried about your finances, please seek help from experts such as our friends at Christians Against Poverty.

Act 28: Keep Your Promises

What would be on your wish list when choosing a friend? A good sense of humor? Having similar interests? How about someone who keeps their word? It’s easy to say, ‘I’ll pray,’ or ‘I’ll be there,’ and then completely forget to do it. What might you have promised in the past that you can follow through with today? Or what new promise can you commit to? Keeping a promise sends a powerful message: you matter to me.

Act 27: Gratitude

Imagine you’re making your acceptance speech at the Oscars. Who would you mention as the people who have made the most impact on your life? The ones you could say you owed it all to? Grab a pen and paper and start making that list.

Act 26: Your Story

Have you ever thought that your life may be the only Bible someone reads? Telling your testimony could kick-start someone’s own journey into faith or encourage them to keep going when they’re struggling. This may be a time when more people than usual are open to talking about faith, so be intentional in your conversations and see what opportunities open up.

Act 25: Shout Out

Today’s the day for getting out your trumpet and making a noise about someone who’s gone above and beyond recently. Don’t swamp feedback forums and online review sites with negativity and complaint. Use them as a way of shouting ‘Well done!’ and ‘Thank you!’ from the cyber rooftops. Small scale, large scale, pen, phone or computer, individuals or organizations, you choose.

Act 24: Passion Project

What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? What’s the driving force of your life? Whether it’s something you’ve got the privilege of already being involved in, or something aspirational that you’re still aiming at, having a passion lifts your life out of the mundane, gives you purpose, and connects you with the heart of God.

Act 23: Can’t Complain

It’s all too easy to focus on what we don’t have instead of being grateful for all that we do. When we’re stuck indoors, everything is cancelled and we may have very real concerns about our health, our finances and our loved ones, it is easy to forget to thank God in all circumstances. Today we want to switch out our moaning for praise and our complaints for blessings.

Act 22: Keep in Mind

Mental health has become a hot topic in recent years, and even more so at the moment when many people may feel alone. It’s estimated that 16 million people in the UK suffer from a mental illness and that every week, 1 in 6 adults experiences anxiety or depression. That means that everywhere we go, we will meet people who are struggling privately with debilitating symptoms. Today is all about opening our eyes, ears and arms to those who need us.

Act 21: Sponsor

Supporting a child is the best way of sowing seed into the next generation. Whether through practical help, prayer or mentoring, you can have a positive influence on the children in your family, neighbourhood and church. Extend this into formal sponsorship of a child overseas, and the effects are transformative and far-reaching. Changing the whole world might seem impossible, but transforming a child’s community is within your reach.