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Dreams Do Come True: Youth in Transformation Mission Partner Message

Eastminster's Mission Partner in South Africa, Youth in Transformation, has shared the following update with us. Every young person has...
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The Hunger Project & Jersey Mike’s

SAVE THE DATE: The Day of Giving on Wednesday, March 31st is when local Jersey Mike’s owners and operators will...
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Missions within our local community

Mission Partners in Brevard County, Florida

The following organizations are recipients of our mission budget and fundraising efforts.

  1. Christ is the Answer (CITA)
  2. Community of Hope
  3. United Way
  4. Sower’s Field
  5. Brevard Indian River Mission
  6. Daily Bread
  7. Pregnancy Resources
  8. Seafarer’s Ministry
  9. Space Coast Center for Women and Children
  10. The Sharing Center
  11. His Place
  12. Habitat for Humanity
  13. Pridmore Center
  14. Nana’s House
  15. St Stephen’s Way
  16. Unique People with Purpose
  17. Second Harvest Food Bank, Daily Bread
  18. Interfaith Food Distribution Drive
  19. Dock in Brevard County
  20. The Samaritan Fund

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Eastminster's Missional Work

Eastminster Presbyterian Church's members through their generosity have enabled Eastminster to be a beacon of light to the world and transform lives through Christ’s unconditional love by providing  approximately $100,000 on an annual basis to those in need either directly or through our mission partners.

Core Missional Targets

To reach out to organizations in our own community and around the world to assist people and communities with shelter, food and water. We have expanded our missional targets to now include educational materials and supplies as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our annual budget is $30,600. The following organizations are recipients of our mission budget(CITA, Community of Hope, United Way, Sower’s Field, Brevard Indian River Mission, Daily Bread, Pregnancy Resources, Seafarer’s Ministry, Space Coast Center for Women and Children, the Sharing Center, His Place, African Dream Project, Habitat for Humanity, Pridmore Center, Madagascar Missionary Projects, Nana’s House, St Stephen’s Way and Unique People with Purpose.

In the past two years, we have also had a Mission Match in which a family of the church has contributed $25,000 annually and the congregation has generously matched this amount.  In 2020, we raised approximately $49,000 through this initiative.  The recipients of these funds are the Madagascar Mission Project, Second Harvest Food Bank, Daily Bread, Habitat for Humanity and  the Interfaith Food Distribution Drive, and we will also be using some of the funds in December to provide Christmas gifts to families, individuals and especially children in Brevard County through an initiative that we will be promoting after Consecration Sunday known as the Joy of Christmas.

Eastminster Presbyterian Church also has two other mission-oriented funds during the year. The Women’s Tea event raised over $4,400 for the Dock in Brevard County.  The other fund is the Samaritan Fund which provides assistance to individuals and families in need at our church. (Managed by the church itself.) Approximately $2,500 have been distributed from this fund in 2020.

We have food drives and educational material drives throughout the year in which our members donate products through the church as well.

Mission Committee 2019/2020 Successes

  1.  Successfully raised and donated nearly $100,000 to over 15 mission partners in the community and globally.
  2. Worked with Outreach and the Interfaith Fellowship to distribute food to families in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. Focused and participated in our three missional target areas of providing food, water and shelter to those in need.