Akany Gazela, Madagascar

Akany Gazela, the girls’ boarding home in Moramanga with the water tower, renovated kitchen, and electric generator purchased with funds from Eastminster Presbyterian Church and FPC Vero Beach.

Tsarahonenana, Madagascar

The town of Tsarahonenana, which is on National Road #4 in NW Madagascar near the town of Andriba. In early March, the Fruits, Vegetables, and Environmental Education (FVEE) program trained 50 people from Tsarahonenana in how to grow and graft mango trees.

The training took place at the fruit center at Mahatsinjo. The people of Tsarahonenana are starting to grow selected varieties of mangos that have the potential to help the people get on a path out of poverty.

On 1 April 2021 when the photographs were taken, Germain Andrianaivoson (on right side of group photo, wearing mask) took 6 fruit trees for each of the 50 people who got trained. Each trainee received 3 grafted mango trees (each a different variety), a Miho-Wase tangerine, a peanut butter fruit, and a jaboticaba.

The FVEE will be providing follow-up to help the participants to successfully grow the trees and to graft their own trees so as to get as many grafted mango trees as they would like. The training was part of a project partially funded by the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

As part of this program, people have also been trained at Ankaramena in South Central Madagascar as well as Volunteer Technicians and pastors from the Maevatsara Synod where the fruit center is located.

Further trainings are planned for this year for pastors and volunteer technicians in the synod where the Mandritsara seminary is located as well as (covid permitting) for evangelists and volunteer technicians from some of the FJKM’s >70 evangelism posts.