Eastminster Kids

Children's Worship

Worship with your children during the ‘Message to the Younger Church’ which takes place during both Saturday and Sunday services.

Therefore they are always welcome to stay in worship with their parents or they can follow Cordelia after the Message to the Younger Church to the chapel behind the sanctuary where we have a wonderful Kids Connect age appropriate worship experience during the adult sermon that helps kids learn the covenantal stories of the Bible that trace God’s love and promise to all people throughout time directly to us today!

COVID-19 NOTE:  For at least the remainder of 2020,Cordelia will host Kids Connect virtually via Zoom on Sunday mornings at 9AM.

Preschool age children are invited to attend the Nursery in the main building for an age appropriate story and craft time with Alexis and Angela, caring and professional early childcare workers.

Eastminster's preschool program has a strong Christian foundation and presents a conscious awareness of God, His creation and constant love.

A well-rounded and balanced program of physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual activities is provided.

Our “Open Door “ policy encourages parents to visit, observe and participate, enabling parents to learn alongside their child and promoting individual success.


Kids in Action is a program for VPK age students and older (geared mostly towards VPK-6th grade) where we will come together to do a service project in the Fellowship Hall.

There are many people in our community who could use some help or just a reminder that they are loved! We will get hands on and learn how kids can be community helpers too!

This event is open to Eastminster VPK children, siblings, and ALL children in our community.

Kids in Action is held the third Wednesday of each month from 3:00-4:30pm

Children attending this event are asked to wear a mask. Parents/Caretakers please RSVP if you are interested in having your child/children attend so we can keep an estimate of those interested.

Email Eleni Yiapis at eyiapis@epcfl.org with any questions you may have, to reserve a space for Kids in Action or to volunteer.

For Parents

We invite you to learn more about Eastminster's various children's programs from preschool to worship to ministry.  You can contact Eleni Yiapsis Eastminster's Preschool Director and Director of Children and Families Ministry directly at 321-723-8371 (extension 218) or email her at  Eyiapis@epcfl.org.

Every week Eleni records a video message and every month she writes a column the "Children's Corner" for parents and children.  Take a look at her most recent messages below.

Video Messages

You can view the collection of all  previously recorded Chapel and “Time for the Younger Church” messages here.

Children's Corner

Each month, Eleni shares happenings, news and other stories in her column "Children's Corner." You can read all of Eleni's Children's Corner columns here.