This weekend EPC begins our stewardship emphasis, “Abundant Joy, Overflowing Generosity.” Alan and Laura Doshier will be sharing their story of giving with us at all our services this week. Rollin Raymond will do the same next weekend. I always look forward to hearing people’s experience with sharing their gifts, talents, and resources. Thank you!

There have been many books, programs, methodologies, and time-lines published about stewardship. You may even have been on a committee in the past that used some of the plethora of materials to organize and carry out a ‘campaign.” If you have been around the Presbyterian world long enough, you realize that “stewardship season” rolls around at this time each and every year. And, you know exactly what this is all about. It takes financial resources to enable the ministry of the church, and those resources come from you. This year, since we mostly all know “what’s what,” we elected to have a more simplified approach.

We are having a 3-weekend emphasis. I will preach on “Abundant Joy” this weekend, Rev. Reisinger will bring the message on the 14th , and I will conclude on the 21st speaking on “Overflowing Generosity” as we turn in and pray over our estimate of giving cards. We will enjoy a photo montage of the past year in all our services on the 14th and 21st. You will receive only 1 letter from the Stewardship Team. That’s it–pretty simple and straightforward.

Although it is a ‘short and sweet’ stewardship season, that in no way diminishes the importance of it. EPC is poised to move forward with great strides and a very bright future. You will be searching for and engaging new pastoral staff, embarking on ramifications of your Vision 2025, and responding to the Campus Development Committee’s work, all this, in addition to the good works of benevolence that EPC does in the local community and for the world mission endeavor. That is great! That needs money! That needs volunteers! That needs prayer warriors! That needs YOU!

I hope that you will consider a pledge of your whole self to your church this year, and, if you are able, an increase in the giving of your resources, your time, and your talents. EPC is a special place with great folks on an important mission. “All ya’ll” can make a significant difference by exhibiting the Kingdom on this beleaguered earth. Let’s prayerfully join together to listen for the Lord to direct how we are to serve and share in this coming year. I have included a link to a short video Bible reflection that goes along with our stewardship theme.