The international community has been on my mind this week. Haiti had another large earthquake, and Afghanistan has been taken over, and its citizens are fleeing. Sometimes I feel so helpless in Brevard County, Florida. Then I’m reminded that we don’t have to solely rely on humankind to fix everything, because we can educate others; we can support established missions, and we can pray. This is some of what I’ll be preaching on this weekend from Mark, chapter 7. Just like Haiti & Afghanistan, sometimes we get locked into political or human traditions that need a little more God.

My husband, Don, went to Haiti on a church mission trip when he was in high school, an experience he will never forget in many ways. Places like Haiti have been trained for so long to be subject to tyranny, that it has become traditional. Corruption is a constant, no matter who is in power. Don was there in the last weeks of Baby Doc Duvalier’s reign of terror. The people of Haiti needed justice and grace, and still do.

When I worked at Florida Tech, I got involved in one Godly solution for Haiti. My campus ministry supported and volunteered for Air Mobile Ministries, a Brevard nonprofit mission that created low-cost water purifiers, flew them to Haiti, and trained residents in how to use them. Air Mobile Ministries is actually in Haiti training right now.

On those days when we feel exasperated and bogged down with the incompleteness of humanity around us, remember that our Christ is so at work in the world and seeks to continue work inside each of us. This Eastminster family is a fine example of Christ’s worked being accomplished. We have an active congregation that worships, studies the Bible, cares for one another, is involved in the community & world, and prays on a regular basis. Now, we are blessed to welcome our new Interim Pastor, Rev. Dr. Fred Foy Strang and his wife, Cecily. Remember that we’re never just stuck in the void with our human limitations. God for us, God with us, God around us. Amen!

Pastor Darice

Peace & Joy,