Women’s Tea benefiting South Brevard Sharing Center

The South Brevard Sharing Center Inc. (SBSC) was founded in 1971 as a non-profit, community based agency whose mission is to support, strengthen and empower families to achieve self-sufficiency in south Brevard County, FL. This assistance includes food, clothing, household items and financial vouchers for prescriptions, utilities, rent and other miscellaneous items through case-managed services. […]

Eastminster 2022 Chili Cook-Off

The 2022 Chili Cook-Off was a resounding success!  Twenty entrants provided us with delicious chili, six of them won awards, and over 100 people attended!  And we have to mention the desserts and salads they brought!   So many people to thank: EPC Elders, for allowing the event to take place. Susan Vallette, who did the […]

Chrismon Workshop Overwhelming Success!

The Chrismon workshop was an overwhelming success! Volunteers gathered for a delicious lunch (thank you Kitchen Team!). Several people took home counted cross stitch kits and even more stayed to create the beaded ornaments. New friendships were begun, relationships were enriched, and a shared sense of purpose was felt by all. We’re on our way […]

Act 40: Written Off

As we reach the end of a Lent season that none of us could have expected, the cross stands within our sights as the ultimate symbol of love triumphing, freedom won and debt paid. Jesus told a powerful parable about a man who successfully pleaded to have his debts cancelled. Sadly, instead of modelling the grace and mercy he’d received, he went out and demanded repayment from someone who owed him relatively very little. Jesus’ sacrifice has released us from all that we couldn’t repay. Who owes you something? Can you extend mercy to them?

Act 39: We Are Family

On National Siblings Day, our focus turns to the persecuted church worldwide: our brothers and sisters in Christ who risk everything to worship and serve him. At the time of writing, countries in the spotlight include India, Bangladesh, China and Nigeria. Our first reaction might be that we are powerless to help, but by partnering with one of the excellent organizations that work in these areas, we can add another voice to the campaigns and another pair of hands to the tasks.

Act 38: Reconciliation

When people fall out with each other, the pain of that broken relationship brings anguish to all parties which can then ripple out. Saying sorry is really hard, and sometimes doesn’t feel enough to heal the rift. What’s sometimes needed is mediation: listening carefully to both sides and steering them back onto common ground. Could you be that peace-bringer?