40Acts Challenge

Freely you have received; freely give.
Matthew 10:8

Eastminster Presbyterian Church 40acts  2021

What if Lent could be about more than just giving stuff up?
Join us in the 40acts challenge to do Lent differently.

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Why 40acts

Every generous act matters. 

Every moment of generosity moves your community forward, whether an inch or a mile.

Imagine if you took the plunge and dedicated each of the next 40 days to generosity, no backing down, even when it gets tiring.

Pledge today to living generously for the next 40 days and watch as you and your community transform in Christ.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us that we could live eternally with Him.  Let that sink in.

This is the ultimate gift, the ultimate act of generosity.

God called us to live like Him, walking in the same way in which He walked.

Biblical generosity is more than just being kind; it is a true heart expression of the way Christ first loved us. (Credit: 40acts)

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40 Days, 40 Acts

Act 40: Written Off
02 Apr 2021
As we reach the end of a Lent season that none of us could have expected, the cross stands within our sights as the ultimate symbol of love triumphing, freedom won and debt paid. Jesus told a powerful parable about a man who successfully pleaded to have his debts cancelled....
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Act 39: We Are Family
01 Apr 2021
On National Siblings Day, our focus turns to the persecuted church worldwide: our brothers and sisters in Christ who risk everything to worship and serve him. At the time of writing, countries in the spotlight include India, Bangladesh, China and Nigeria. Our first reaction might be that we are powerless...
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Act 38: Reconciliation
31 Mar 2021
When people fall out with each other, the pain of that broken relationship brings anguish to all parties which can then ripple out. Saying sorry is really hard, and sometimes doesn’t feel enough to heal the rift. What’s sometimes needed is mediation: listening carefully to both sides and steering them...
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Act 37: Secret Keeper
30 Mar 2021
You’re on a stealth mission today – to donate gifts without being spotted. It might be more tricky, but if you’re fit and healthy, use caution and your imagination to see what you can do on the way back from your daily exercise or trip to the supermarket. No thanks...
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Act 36: Behind Bars
29 Mar 2021
Childhood should be a time of freedom, but many children lose theirs to crime. According to Youth for Christ, over 125,000 children and teenagers (under the age of 18) are arrested each year and over 20,000 under 25s serve at least one prison sentence annually. Meanwhile, an estimated 7% of...
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Act 35: Reconnect
28 Mar 2021
While we’ve been social distancing, social media has become a huge blessing and a lifeline for many. Perhaps now, more than ever, we can appreciate all the different ways to stay in touch – but despite that, it can be easy to lose contact with people you were once close...
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Act 34: On a Mission
26 Mar 2021
Those who have devoted their lives to God in full-time ministry, whether at home or overseas, need our support. Especially now, when many of those who bring the Gospel to others may have had to pause or re-think the way they go about their work. Too often, they can feel...
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Act 33: War Torn
25 Mar 2021
Our news bulletins are dominated by Coronavirus, but beneath the headlines there are stories of war continuing around the globe. Images of displaced people are commonplace, their buildings in ruins, the rubble-strewn streets carrying tanks and trucks of soldiers. Today is about playing a part, however small, in improving life...
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Act 32: Prized Possession
24 Mar 2021
We’re raising the bar on generosity, reminding ourselves to hold our possessions lightly and open-handedly. The challenge is to give away something that is precious to you, either in value or significance, being willing to surrender it for someone else’s benefit. In doing so, we are echoing David’s words to...
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Act 31: At Your Service
23 Mar 2021
Ask yourself who are the people that support your everyday life – the list may be a surprisingly long one. The milkman, postman, parcel deliverer, bus or train driver, checkout assistant, bin man: it’s so easy to take them for granted. Let’s turn the spotlight on those who are busy...
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Act 30: First Fruits
22 Mar 2021
In the Old Testament, people presented the first fruits of their harvest to God in gratitude for his provision. It was choice produce; in short, the best! Today’s act was originally about food, specifically GOOD food and shared with others. But social distancing has created a whole new perspective on...
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Act 29: Commit
21 Mar 2021
Given these challenging times, today is a good day to consider giving your giving an overhaul. As stewards of God’s resources, it’s important that we check in with him from time to time to make sure that our generosity is being channeled in the right direction. One-off donations are great,...
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Act 28: Keep Your Promises
19 Mar 2021
What would be on your wish list when choosing a friend? A good sense of humor? Having similar interests? How about someone who keeps their word? It’s easy to say, ‘I’ll pray,’ or ‘I’ll be there,’ and then completely forget to do it. What might you have promised in the...
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Act 27: Gratitude
18 Mar 2021
Imagine you’re making your acceptance speech at the Oscars. Who would you mention as the people who have made the most impact on your life? The ones you could say you owed it all to? Grab a pen and paper and start making that list.
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Act 26: Your Story
17 Mar 2021
Have you ever thought that your life may be the only Bible someone reads? Telling your testimony could kick-start someone’s own journey into faith or encourage them to keep going when they’re struggling. This may be a time when more people than usual are open to talking about faith, so...
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Act 25: Shout Out
16 Mar 2021
Today’s the day for getting out your trumpet and making a noise about someone who’s gone above and beyond recently. Don’t swamp feedback forums and online review sites with negativity and complaint. Use them as a way of shouting ‘Well done!’ and ‘Thank you!’ from the cyber rooftops. Small scale,...
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Act 24: Passion Project
15 Mar 2021
What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? What’s the driving force of your life? Whether it’s something you’ve got the privilege of already being involved in, or something aspirational that you’re still aiming at, having a passion lifts your life out of the mundane, gives...
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Act 23: Can’t Complain
14 Mar 2021
It’s all too easy to focus on what we don’t have instead of being grateful for all that we do. When we’re stuck indoors, everything is cancelled and we may have very real concerns about our health, our finances and our loved ones, it is easy to forget to thank...
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Act 22: Keep in Mind
12 Mar 2021
Mental health has become a hot topic in recent years, and even more so at the moment when many people may feel alone. It’s estimated that 16 million people in the UK suffer from a mental illness and that every week, 1 in 6 adults experiences anxiety or depression. That...
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Act 21: Sponsor
11 Mar 2021
Supporting a child is the best way of sowing seed into the next generation. Whether through practical help, prayer or mentoring, you can have a positive influence on the children in your family, neighbourhood and church. Extend this into formal sponsorship of a child overseas, and the effects are transformative...
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Act 20: Be Prepared
10 Mar 2021
Wanting to help is one thing; being equipped to do so is another.
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Act 19: Watch for Traffic
09 Mar 2021
Human trafficking is modern slavery. Exploiters trick or coerce people (mostly women and children, but it affects men, too) – either under force or by promises of a better life – into working for them. Sexual exploitation is the motivator in 79% of cases, and forced labor in 18% (according...
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Act 18: Carbon Neutral
08 Mar 2021
Every one of us makes a significant impact on our planet just by the way we live, from how often we drive or take a flight to the choices we make while shopping. We can become blinkered over global issues; if you care about the world around you, you can’t...
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Act 17: Fill a Need
07 Mar 2021
Two days ago you wrote a list of needs you saw around you and committed to pray. One or two of them might have kept niggling away at you during the weekend. Whatever you’ve been praying about recently, it’s time to ask: what do you want me to do about...
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Act 16: Neighbors
05 Mar 2021
In our busy lives, interactions with our neighbors are often limited to a quick hello and a wave as they drive past – and that’s if we see them at all. Today, be intentional about the people who live round you. Make a point of going outside when you see...
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Act 15: Watch and Pray
04 Mar 2021
Jesus invited His disciples to watch and pray in the Garden of Gethsemane and they’d barely started before they fell asleep. Today for us will be different! Armed with a notebook or phone, you’re going to have your eyes peeled for the needs going on around you and pray about...
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Act 14: Befriend
03 Mar 2021
The vulnerable, lost and lonely are all around us but easily slip under the radar. Today, let’s forego the chance to chat with those we’re familiar with and instead focus on someone new. Look out for the newcomer or the one hovering on the fringes. We’re sending a message, loud...
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Act 13: Speak Up
02 Mar 2021
Loving everyone doesn’t sound possible to you and me, but daily life delivers an invitation and challenge to give it a go. You don’t need to speak from a platform to share the gospel and you don’t need to deliver a three-point sermon to demonstrate the love you’ve received from...
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Act 12: Chocolate Tuesday
01 Mar 2021
It’s a rare person who doesn’t like chocolate, so this one is for lots of people around you. Wherever you go today, spread the love, chocolate style! You’re obviously going to need to work within your budget, but push the boat out and buy Fairtrade if you can.
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Act 11: Friend Indeed
28 Feb 2021
We’re thinking of friendship in its thick-and-thin sense, today. Among our circle will be friends who are going through tough times and need someone near them. Sometimes, fear of saying the wrong thing makes us stay away, but so often all that’s needed is some company and a listening ear.
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Act 10: Litterbug
26 Feb 2021
Every cigarette butt casually discarded, every sweet wrapper or takeaway container soon adds up to a big problem on our streets. Let’s care for the planet God gave us. Find a bin. It’s a win-win.
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Act 9: Pre-paid
25 Feb 2021
Imagine turning up to buy something, only to find you haven’t brought enough money. You apologize and start to move away, but the assistant says you can take it because someone else has already paid. The stuff of fantasy? Not if you become part of a growing momentum of pre-paying...
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Act 8: Under the Weather
24 Feb 2021
Coughs, sneezes or assigned to bed… if you live alone, it can be difficult to manage cooking or even making a drink; and if others depend on you, there’s the pressure to carry on, regardless of how ill you feel. Someone you know is going through a hard time with...
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Act 7: You First
23 Feb 2021
‘After you.’ It’s not something you hear very often in our preoccupied, me-first society. Yet, how easy it is to offer a higher place in the queue, your seat on the bus, the chance to go through a road junction first. And what a blessing to receive it!
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Act 6: Best Day
22 Feb 2021
Lewis Carroll first coined the phrase ‘unbirthday’. Why wait until it’s someone’s official special day? Make plans to spoil someone, either spontaneously today or in the near future. Surprise them if you know that’s what they like, or pre-warn them if that would make it easier for them to accept...
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Act 5: Shop Double
21 Feb 2021
Instead of cart dashing through the aisles to get your supermarket shop done as quickly as possible, consider shopping for someone else too. Offering to get supplies for a friend whose car is off the road, or for someone you know who is unwell or elderly, could be an absolute...
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Act 4: Meet Up
19 Feb 2021
Once you start opening your heart and hands to the needs of others around you, you’ll find you want to open your home, too. Invite people to get together, either at your house or elsewhere. Use it as a chance to pray for each other or just a chance to...
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Act 3: Treat
18 Feb 2021
If you’re in the blessed position to receive a salary, the few days between being paid and the bills going out offer a great opportunity to give a ‘payday treat’ to someone else. Instead of focusing on your needs and obligations, turn your attention to someone nearby. Not in work...
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Act 2: Hands in
18 Feb 2021
It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into situations that need your help. Over-flowing bins? Empty toilet roll on the holder? Don’t think twice, just sort it. Easy fixes are good practice, but if the task takes you out of your comfort zone, even better.
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Act 1: Ready to Act? | 40acts Challenge
17 Feb 2021
Welcome to the 40acts Challenge! Are you ready to spend Lent on behalf of others? Having a verse in mind will help keep you focused, especially if your enthusiasm threatens to dip. Let’s surprise people with God’s goodness this Lent!
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40acts Challenge – How it Works
30 Jan 2021
Welcome to the 40acts Challenge! Are you ready to spend Lent on behalf of others?
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