Funeral & Memorial Services

A funeral means there has been a death and that may mean many things — loss, sorrow, relief, guilt, joy in God’s help, or something that a word cannot be stated.

Whatever it is you are encountering as you consider the funeral, we want you to know of our concern and regard for you.  If there is any question or need you have, please just ask.

Requests for funerals held at Eastminster or for pastoral service at another location, should be made through the Church Secretary, Melissa Priest, at 723-8371 or A reception hall is available upon request.

She can gather additional information for the pastor and schedule a time for the family to meet with him or her. Preferred scripture readings, hymns, and family remembrances may be discussed at that time.



More Information

Timing of services – consider the needs of your family and friends.  How long will it take for them to arrive if they travel from someplace else?  A service that begins before lunch or mid-afternoon can be helpful for those in the area with work schedules.  But always wait for confirmation from the pastor that he and/or the church are available before setting your plans.

Flowers:   In the sanctuary flowers may be displayed on stands in the area of the casket.  If there is no casket, the vases regularly used in the worship service may be used for floral tributes. Or flowers may be placed on the Chancel on or around the communion table.

Photographs:   Either at the church entrance or in the sanctuary are appropriate places for photographs to be placed.  They should be placed on or adjacent to the communion table, not in front it. There are places in the reception hall for photographs to be placed that tell a story of your loved ones life that can be viewed by all guests.

Register:  If you wish to record the names of those attending the service, either the family or funeral home can supply a guest book.

Usher:  The church supplies an usher to unlock and lock the sanctuary, help with flowers, and assist the family.

Music:   As the service is sacred in nature, the music should be sensitive to that nature.  Arrangements for music are made with the pastor and music director.  Normally, only the church music director, or one approved by the organist, plays the organ.  The organist can provide the music or consult with the family about their wishes.   The honorarium will be discussed with our business administrator. If a choir is desired, then arrangements are made with the music/choir director. An additional honorarium for the choir may be requested.

Our Memorial Garden —  Was established as a place of beauty for prayer and contemplation.  In addition, it is a peaceful place for repose for individuals who desire cremation.  The cremains of members of our church, their families and others may be placed there.  This follows the ancient practice of having a place for burial near where one worshiped. The interment fee includes the cost for a nameplate placed there as well.  Contact the church secretary or funeral coordinator at 321-723-8371 for further information.

Fees – There are fees that will be discussed with you while planning a funeral service here at Eastminster to help offset the cost of technicians and facilities.


Eastminster Presbyterian Church, 106 N. Riverside Dr., Indialantic, FL 32903, 321-723-8371