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Palms, Petting Zoo, and Bluegrass at Eastminster

Celebration will abound by the river in Indialantic this Sunday.  A beautiful pageantry of Palms will kick off at 10:30 a.m. at Eastminster Presbyterian Church with the fine

Palm Sunday. Jesus’ great entrance

st in classical music.  Then at 11:30, children will enjoy a Petting Zoo, featuring CocoPuff, the Palm Sunday donkey while adults sit by the river and listen to the Bluegrass strains of Blue Cypress Bluegrass Band. Listen Here

The Celebration of Palms is a traditional Christian rite that begins “Holy Week,” the week leading up to Easter.  “On the first Palm Sunday worshipers laid down their coats and waved palms, cheering the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem. They believed he was the next liberator of the city and nation,” said Dr. Tim Rogers-Martin, Eastminster’s Pastor. “Instead Jesus came to suffer and die for all people.  His resurrection is the pivotal event of history.”

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